Classic Car Storage in Eugene

When you choose to buy a classic car, whether it’s to restore the car or add to your collection, one of the most important things is finding indoor classic car storage. While some people have a property that would suffice, the majority of classic car owners seek out indoor storage units that will protect their investment.

Let Stor-A-Coach be Your Go-To for Securely Storing Your Classic Car

Stor-A-Coach has been providing car storage in Eugene and surrounding areas for over 13 years. With the ability to store short-term, long-term, or seasonal – we have the perfect indoor storage for your car, so it remains untouched by all weather conditions.

Amenities for our classic car storage include:

  • Large roll-up doors to ensure your car has plenty of room to drive in and out
  • 24-hour security, so your investment is secure at all times
  • 24-hour access so you can hook the classic car up on the trailer for those early mornings
  • And a knowledgeable staff that understands the importance of keeping your vehicle secure and safe

Long Term Car Storage Tips

While finding a car storage facility that works is essential, it’s only the first of many steps to take to ensure that your vehicle is stored correctly, so you can enjoy your classic car for many years to come. Here are some long-term car storage tips:

1. Fill the tank

Make sure the tank of your classic car is full of premium fuel before storing for off-seasons. Because older cars are more prone to rust, it’s essential to keep the tank full, so access moisture doesn’t build up when the car is sitting idle.

2. Change the Oil and Filter

It’s especially important to change the oil and filter before the car is going to to be stored long-term, this way all the yuk is out and when you return it’s ready roll.

3. Detail and Clean the Car

Making sure that the car is detailed and there’s nothing left that can cause rust or damage while sitting for long periods of time is vitally important to the overall look and use of your car.

4. Fill up the Tires

Always make sure you fill up the tires to the maximum PSI and leave the tires on car jacks. Because those old tires are incredibly expensive to replace, filling up the tires will help them last for many more years.

5. Take Your Classic Car Out for a Spin Every Month

Even if it’s off-season, getting that engine running and moving once a month will keep it working well. Since we don’t have severe weather here in Eugene, there’s always a day each month you can sneak out for a fun drive.

Call Stor-A-Coach Today to Reserve Your Classic Car Storage Unit

We just added 22 more units to our facility, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what will call them home. Call us at 541-345-5934 or email us to reserve your space. We work hard to keep our prices competitive, while still giving those cars a fantastic place to call home.

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